Welcome to Retired Greyhounds Canterbury – Finding loving homes for retired racers!


Retired Greyhounds Canterbury is a young and independent charity, set up in 2020 and founded by Brian Booth. Brian has a wealth of experience when it comes to greyhounds, having worked with the breed for decades.

Dogs looking for homes

Brian and his team run the kennels near Wingham, Canterbury and care passionately about greyhounds.

The charity is supported by an enthusiastic team of unpaid volunteers, who dedicate their time to homing these gentle and loving dogs. 

As a charity we rely on donations and income from events and we are also always looking for more volunteers. The work of volunteers can range from dog walking, to home checks to attending fundraising events. If you think you can help us, please get in touch!


Looking to home an ex-racing greyhound?

Retired greyhounds make wonderful pets – they are generally quiet and undemanding. They have a gentle nature and make loyal family pets. They only need about two 20-minute walks a day and are mostly lazy dogs that like to curl up and sleep the day away. The breed also tends to be wonderful with children. Head over to our dogs page to see all of our dogs currently looking for homes.

Contqct Us

To find out what it’s like to home one of our greyhounds, contact us for a chat or find out more on our homing page.


There are several ways you can support our charity – please visit our Fundraising page to find out more and start supporting us. Your help means a lot – thank you!